Snooker Shaun Murphy 147 Snooker Poster - World Championship Snooker 2020 print wall art gift

Snooker Shaun Murphy 147 Snooker Poster - World Championship Snooker 2020 print wall art gift

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This high definition snooker poster is a graphic illustration of one of snooker's great achievements from 2020. Shaun Murphy making a perfect 147 score. The graphic shows the cue ball and potted ball for every shot along the memorable journey. A fabulous gift for any snooker fan! This portrait poster is a vector illustration which ensures the snooker print is sharp and vibrant, no matter what the size.

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PLEASE NOTE: The frame is for visual purposes only and is not included.

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The Illustrations

All of our illustrations are created in-house by our award winning artist/designer, Nigel Biller. They are unique to Biller's Art and created in ultra high definition. All prints are created in a CGI vector format. This means that, no matter what size they are printed, the edges are always sharp and the colours always vibrant. There is no color banding over graduated tones.

Lord Ganasha

Some of our art (especially the cars) is believed the be derived from photography, but we assure you that this is not the case. Everything is hand drawn.




We do not provide the frames for cost effectiveness in postage. However, all the print sizes we offer are designed to fit standard frames. For an A2 print simply buy an A2 frame, for a 24" x 36" print buy a 24" x 36" frame, and so on. You can purchase frames for our prints on platforms such as Ebay, by searching for 'picture frames'. They are often great value and often come with the plexiglass and fittings already in place. Just remove the back and drop the print in place. You will need no special tools or skills; just a table, table cloth and table knife. Please try not to touch the front of the print - cotton gloves are often a good idea.
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