Formula 1 2024 Season

Formula 1 New 2024 Season

Car Releases, Testing and Lights Out.

Does it seem like only yesterday that Max was clinching his 3rd title with extraordinary authority? No it doesn't! Three months without Formula 1 gives us a breather we didn't want, but now it's back. With most of the car launches completed and testing starting on 21st February, the season gets under way. If you've never seen the pre-season testing, it is certainly worth a watch to get ahead of the game and understand the expectations of the cars before the lights go out in Bahrain on 2nd March.

As always Neil and I, at Biller's Art, will roll up our sleeves, crack open some beers and start shouting our opinions at the tv. This season should be an exciting one, as the Red Bull domination is unlikely to be as clear cut. Christian Horner, himself, suggests expecting diminishing returns as the snapping teams of Ferrari and Mercedes close the gap to the front spot.

Will Lewis's move to Ferrari in 2025 subdue his remaining time with the Silver Arrows? Of course it won't. Lewis is a pure racer and will eke everything out of the Mercedes that he can. Of course 2025 is an exciting prospect, but let's not dismiss the current season before it's begun. We're hoping for a tighter pack performance across the grid and as most drivers from last season remain with their teams, they certainly know their machines.

Art for the new F1 Season.

We have released a new set of mugs to celebrate the new season

Each mug has a caricature of all of the drivers taking part in 2024, so choose your favorite and enjoy a beverage during the race. Use this URL to view them all:

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Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 Car

We will be releasing blogs throughout the F1 season, so do let us know your thoughts on the whole event.

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